Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose your company?

  • It's not just one website, but over 20 and we are still growing!
  • There is no time limit (we stop when it sells and not a day sooner).
  • We can help with any financing, warranties, etc. (In other words we will turn you into a mini-dealer).
  • There are never any commissions or other fees.

How long have you been doing this?

  • Our management team has been in the marketing business for over 20 years.

Why did you call me?

  • Either we know of a buyer who is looking for what you are selling, or we have historically done well with what you are selling.

How long until my listing is on your network?

  • Within two business days.

What sites will my listing appear on?

  • Please refer to the tab above titled "Partners".

Are there any fees other than the initial start up fee?

  • There are never any other fees.

How many pictures can I have/do I need?

  • You can have up to 20 photos. We recommend that you have at least three photos (one interior and two exterior). We believe anywhere from five to six is ideal. (Remember, we can pull them off the web or even use a stock photo, if needed).

How can I get the photos to you?

  • You can either email or mail them to P.O. Box 247, Boystown, NE 68010-0247, or we are able to pull them from most active websites.

What personal information will appear in my listing?

  • Your first name, phone number, city and state.

Can buyers contact me via email?

  • Yes. However, your email address will remain invisible to the person sending the email.

How do I find my listing?

  • Click on "My Cars Unlimited Home" on the left sidebar. You will see "Find My Listing" in the upper-right hand corner, simply input your area code and phone number, with no punctuation just the numbers, and click on "Search".

How long will I stay listed?

  • Until your vehicle is sold!

Can you help with financing, warranties, etc.?

  • Yes, simply go to our "Services" tab.

How long does it typically take to get something sold?

  • That's a tough question. There are a lot of variables involved, however, the average time it takes for a vehicle to sell is 6-10 weeks, depending on the vehicle.

How can I contact you?

  • By phone at (402) 546-9832 or customer service at (402) 807-5788, email or mail at P.O. Box 247, Boystown, NE 68010-0247.

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